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How to Create an Online Menu for Your Bar or Restaurant Using a QR Code

At you not only have the possibility of creating a QR code to cover multiple needs but you also have the possibility of creating an entire online menu for your restaurant or bar. That way, your customers can scan the QR code on your menu and see all the dishes and drinks that you can offer them in your business. Let's learn together how you can do it.

What is a QR Code?

Step 1: Sign Up on

To get started, visit and create an account. Sign up is very inexpensive and allows you to manage your QR codes efficiently. Be careful when purchasing your plan to QR Creator for Restaurants Menu.

The web application to create a QR for a restaurante menu consists of three steps: profile, menu and QR. You will find this submenu of the application in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Add Your Menu Categories

First, fill out your business information. Name of your establishment, address, city and telephone number. You can also customize your menu by uploading your logo and a header to give it some style. Once you update the information by clicking the button, you will see the progress bar for your menu configuration.

Note that if you don't find a category, just send us a message at and we will help you.

Step 3: Customize and Download Your QR

It's almost ready. Now, you just have to give your QR a little design. You can customize the background and color of the dots. Follow these steps to change the dot color:

  • In your chosen QR code generator, look for the option to customize the dot color.

  • Click on the color picker or input the specific color code that matches your brand.

  • Once you've selected the desired color, changes will be applied automatically.

Remember to choose a color that provides enough contrast to ensure the QR code remains scannable. After customizing the dot color, you'll have a QR code that not only functions as a menu link but also aligns with your brand's visual identity.

And follow these steps to change the background color:

  • Find the option in Zebra QR Code generator that allows you to customize the background color. This is labeled as "Background".

  • Choose a color that complements your brand and enhances the QR code's visibility.

  • Changes will be applied automatically to update the QR code with the new background color.

By customizing the background color, you can make the QR code stand out even more, making it an attractive and recognizable element in your brand's decor and promotional materials.

Step 4: Download or Embed the QR Code

After customization, download your code in the format of your choice: JPG, PNG or SVG. You can also choose to embed the QR code directly on your website or on your business screens.

As a recomendation, before distributing the QR code to your target audience, test it to ensure that it directs respondents to your survey accurately. This step is crucial for a seamless user experience.

With these simple steps you can create the online QR menu for your restaurant with Without a doubt, this will allow you to have full control of your menu, being able to update it online when you need it, you will avoid extraordinary costs in printing and design, you will have a more eco-friendly business and, in addition, it will improve the experience for your customers with your restaurant. Start now.



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